May 13, 2019

38th Annual CMB Symposium and Myron Levine Lecture

Another successful CMB symposium brought together students and faculty from all over campus to discuss their amazing work after listening to a fantastic talk by Dr. Junying Yuan, an Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology from Harvard Medical School. 

 Program Director Dr. Bob Fuller introduced the legacy of Dr. Myron Levine before the invited speaker.
Dr. Junying Yuan with Dr. Ken Cadigan (left) and Program Director Dr. Bob Fuller (right).
Dr. Fuller awarding Samantha Devenport the Student Service Award            
Stephanie Crilly, Jennifer Kunselman, and Vani Ravichandran awarding Dr. Yatrik Shah the Mentorship Award.
Dr. Bob Fuller awarding Dr. Kathy Collins and Dr. Ken Cadigan the Faculty Service Award for their fantastic work as Co-Directors while he was on sabbatical.
CMB students presenting their work at the afternoon poster session.
Congratulations to all the prize winners and honorable mention awardees from the poster session!
1st - Anna McCarter (shared)
1st - Samir Nath (shared)
 3rd - Shahana Chumki
Honorable Mentions:
Breane Budaitis
Stephanie Crilly
 Jaclyn Fingerhut
Ameya Jalihal
 Molly Naylor
Vani Ravichandran
Alex Vizurraga
Sara Wong
PIBS/CMB award:
Jeffrey Knupp